The Confederation of Scientific and Technological Associations in Malaysia (COSTAM) is the national umbrella organization of professional scientific and technological associations. It was inaugurated on June, 20 1980 and registered under the Societies Act 1966 on December 8, 1983.

As a confederation of thirty five scientific and technological associations in Malaysia, COSTAM has the following objectives:

  1. To promote standards of excellence and professionalism amongst scientists, engineers and technologists and to harness their resources for the achievement of national scientific, engineering and technology objectives.
  2. To bring together resources of all member scientific, engineering and technology associations towards the advancement of their respective disciplines.
  3. To facilitate the cooperation among and provide a common forum for member associations.
  4. To promote the effective utilization of science and technology for human welfare and national development, in a manner consonant with the conservation of nature and natural resources.
  5. To foster public understanding and appreciation of the importance of science, engineering and technology for human progress.
  6. To consolidate, formulate and declare the opinion of scientists and technologists on issues of national significance.
  7. To establish and maintain good working relations between Malaysians and international scientific, engineering and technological bodies.
  8. To seek and to accord due recognition to scientists, engineers and technologists who have achieved sufficient eminence in their respective fields.
  9. To organize career guidance and continuing education programmes for the benefit of members scientific, engineering and technology associations.
  10. To organize meetings, conferences, seminars and symposia to promote knowledge in the sciences, engineering and technology, and,
  11. To carry out such consultative and investment activities as is necessary for generating sufficient income for running COSTAM.

The major activities of COSTAM are:

  1. Organising scientific and technological conferences, seminars and workshops on issues of national and international interest, including the annual Malaysian Science and Technology Congress.
  2. Organising the COSTAM- SFRR workshop once every 3 years.
  3. Promoting public understanding and appreciation of science and technology.